Trauma : Live with it or cope with it

In life, we can never guess what will happened.
Sometimes, you can face whatever in front of you with head held high,
sometimes you just sit at one corner,
hugging your knees and cried,
thinking to go far away, away and away,
where nothing can hurt you or touch you anymore

ummi beijing

There are trauma that just go away with given times
and bit of trauma release,
some, does not,
it might live with you,
linger around you,
and you wonder when it will end.

Most of the time you do not know
whether what you are doing,
your option, is right

Sometimes it’s just gut feeling
Or maybe for the sake of love ones
Or because you had nowhere to go
And you are afraid, you are not sure

You might also regretted
the option you had made
the path you had took

But then,
Like it or not,
You. Had. Made. The. Choice.

Even if there are consequences,
You. Had. Made. The. Choice.

God is Merciful.
He always is.
Even if you can no longer believe any man,
remember, you can always believe in Him.

People might say you are strong,
and even you know you had no ounce of strength,
but you really are.

At least, He believes that you are strong.

As long as we live,
Keep on living,
keep on walking.
Life, is just life after all.

Good nite.



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