5 Tips How to Make More Breastmilk for your twin

twin breastfeeding

Bear in mind that breastfeeding twin or multiple is never as easy as people might think and it was never too hard to be done either. However, mother to twin and multiple should never give in to the pressure of making more milk for your babies. You can produce more milk for your babies. All you have to do is get some knowledge on how to make it more and more.

Always remember that the production of breastmilk always abide with the principle of demand versus supply. The more you increase the demand, the more milk would be produce. My first born is twins and I had the opportunity to breastfeed them (although only for 8 months period, due to getting pregnant with their younger brother, while breastfeeding them), so I have some experience on twin breastfeeding and here are the tips I am going to share with you.

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