Sketsa Rayyan dan Furqan (Part 18)

In episode :  Kami memang suka SHOPPINGGG!

Seperti biasa, apabila semua stok bahan basah, bahan kering dan bahan cucian habis (habis licin sampaikan baju pun menggunung tidak berbasuh, ikan tinggal seekor, sayur tiada langsung, pinggan mangkuk dibasuh dengan sabun botol anak-anak) maka, lawatan ke pasaraya haruslah dilakukan. Memang stok pun ngam-ngam untuk sebulan (kadang-kadang tidak sampai sebulan pun..)

Selalunya ayah akan meletak kereta di dalam kawasan pasaraya, yakni yang berbumbung. Kali ini, entah kenapa ayah berpusing-pusing di tempat letak kereta dan keluar semula dari tempat tersebut (tetapi masih mencari tempat yang strategik). Melihatkan keadaan itu, Rayyan yang menyangkakan ayah hendak kembali ke rumah (tanpa membeli barang), menangis sekuat hati dan melurutkan badannya ke bawah seat kereta. Furqan tidak menangis, tetapi mukanya kelihatan kecewa.

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Growing up with them

In episode : Groceries shopping with them

Last week, since all the stocks had run out and we had received our salary, my hubby presumed that we should do our groceries shopping. Luckily, both my younger brother and sister were here (having them will lessen my burden when the twin start having tantrum). So that very night, we went to the nearest hypermarket.

We forgot to bring stroller, so my sister had to carry Farhan throughout the night. I didn’t remember whether my helper was with me or my husband because to minimize the time consuming, we split up and my hubby was with Rayyan and my younger brother. Furqan was with me in the shopping trolley.

After I took as much as everything I could remember and pray that I didn’t forgot anything important, both me and my sister proceed to the counter where my husband and the rest was standing in line to pay. When I arrived at respective counter where he was standing, I found it weird as there was no cashier and I was thunderstruck looking my husband was tending to Rayyan who had yogurt all over him, on the counter conveyor! Upon looking that I was coming, he proceed to the actual counter for payment and I passed my trolley to my sibling (I didn’t remember who) to check on Rayyan.

drenched with yogurt

drenched with yogurt

His diaper was actually overflowed, with the strap was opened and he was drenched, with sweat plus yogurt plus urghhh I don’t know what else. Since we didn’t bought any diapers, my hubby reckoned the price at that hypermarket was quite expensive, and he would buy them at another place with affordable price afterwards (geez.. I should note to him to just go on with cloth diaper, money saver), so I insisted my helper to stay with Rayyan while I ran (I truly ran) to find pant diapers. I also made a mental note to myself to always have standby clothes in the car for the whole family nextime.

I took too much time finding that particular diapers as I only wanted few pairs for Rayyan to change. I was afraid that my lateness plus feeling uncomfortable would make my first twin getting frenzy, and I knew so well his crying would be. I was not disappointed. As I dashed back to where he was with a diaper (I went to scanned the item first at where my hubby was paying), he was crying his heart out and everybody was looking at him (and me) with a look I didn’t have time to interpret and my helper was getting anxious herself, clueless not knowing what to do.

I carried him to the toilet, stripped him down and started cleaning him. This was the first time things turn out VERY BAD like this. I have once or twice gone shopping with the twin and coming back with drink spilt here and there but not drenched like that! My helper also informed me that, Rayyan pee on the conveyor, oh my! After cleaning him, I carried him to my husband. I thought we were ready to leave, however we had to stay for quite a while as there was one more item with no barcode, it was my favourite spinach (violet in colour) so I cannot let it go.

both had already fall asleep

both had already fall asleep

When we arrived home, it was incredibly late (weekdays..oh I was exhausted) and Rayyan fell asleep right after we entered the house. We bought plastic pool and children tent for the kids. My hubby could not wait to put up everything for his children so he started to pump the pool in with air pump and erected the tent straightaway.

the tent was erected

the tent was erected

Seeing the effort of their father,somehow, Furqan and Farhan who were fast asleep during waiting for payment to be made at hypermarket earlier suddenly wide awake. They even played with the pool and the tent after my hubby finished installing them.

cannot wait to play

cannot wait to play

It took us quite a while to make those two fell asleep again. Even though I was quite distracted with mixture feeling with what had happened earlier, remembering the condition of Rayyan previously, I managed myself a grin. Nextime, I would suggest breakfast cereal whenever we did the shopping with the kids. Yoghurt is a NO NO.

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