Brain injured children : Keep the failure to yourself

Satu perkara yang mampu membuatkan saya rasa hidup sehari-hari adalah menulis mengenai ini dan memikirkan tentang menulis mengenainya.

Menulis mengenai anak istimewa dan keluarga dan apa sahaja yang membantu.

Memikirkannya sahaja mengenai ini, sudah mampu mengujakan saya, sort of a higher dose of caffeine or painkiller and help me to wake up from bed or make up from a very worst day.

I know exactly how Glenn Doman feel about going to work but not really feel that you’re going to work. Because you are doing something that you love.I really love writing about this.

And today, I write this as escapism.

Dan saya ada dua cerita yang saya nak bawakan hari ini, cerita saya dan cerita seorang kawan saya.

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Speech Delay Journey : When you finally see result

I know this maybe not a very big achievement to some people, but to most of us, who had brain injured children, who had waited years for even a tiny weeny result, this is very big.

This deserved a celebration.

This means a world to us.

This, motivates us to go further.

What’s more, I have been waiting for years, and I had three sons with this problem. Imagine trying to design and do the program with 3 kids and they had baby sister growing up together.

Iman and math dot

That baby sister had her own design program, need to be done in parallel.

Oh ya, I know what you want to say, I am super mom. Super indeed.


This story, is for you mothers out there, who might have brain injured children as I do. This shout out, this motivational story or whatever you want to call this, is for you. Especially for you.

Here it goes.

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