Growing up with them (Part 13)

The power of OBSERVATION: What to do after shopping

I wrote about Rayyan’s quick witted by operating PC on his own before. Since then, I tried my best not to show much of negativity or bad habit in the house (although failing abysmally like every day, but at least, I am trying, huh). Nevertheless, that is not what I want to write about today. Recently, I discovered something else.

It is quite a well-known to those who read my blog regularly that my sons loves shopping (I don’t really understand where they get that from..hahaha yeah right, *grinning). So last Thursday, we went to buy some groceries since all our stocks almost clean out. My elder sons were ecstatic. We didn’t really spend much time there since we need to get their younger brother for a check-up, he was on fever for two days already. After check-up, we rushed straight back home.

As we entered the house, normally my sons would help carrying all the items that we bought to the kitchen, including their diapers. I would then packed every single item in their right place, stocking the veggies, fruits and herbs up in the right containers in the fridge, while the dry items would be placed in cabinet that specifically for food. Well, this time, it was them who did the stocking. I didn’t realize what they were doing at first, I thought they were looking for their yogurt in the fridge, because I was torn between exhaustion and the urge to clean up chicken quickly.

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