Jadual saya pam susu untuk si kembar

Menyusukan anak kembar tidaklah mudah tetapi tidaklah terlampau susah. Apa yang ibu-ibu kembar perlu ada ialah semangat yang kuat dan ilmu. Si kembar saya hampir berumur 4 tahun pada tahun ini. Kenangan menyusukan mereka sangat indah untuk dikenang. Sehinggakan saya sangat berharap untuk mendapat anak kembar lagi selepas ini, tetapi semuanya dengan kehendak Allah juga kan?

Perkara penting dalam penyusuan, tidak kiralah sama ada anak kembar atau tidak, konsep KEPERLUAN (demand) dan BEKALAN (supply) tidak boleh tidak sangat terpakai dalam meningkatkan produksi susu. Saya telah kongsikan tip untuk meningkatkan produksi susu badan buat si kembar di dalam entri ini. Menariknya apabila mempunyai anak kembar ini, demand sentiasa berlebih-lebih. Jadi ibu si kembar hendaklah lebih-lebih bertabah, dan sentiasa setting di kepala, ‘susu saya banyak, susu saya cukup untuk anak-anak’.

Saya tidak sempat menyediakan stok beku ketika berpantang buat si kembar saya. Mind you, saya mula bekerja right after saya habis berpantang 44 hari. Dengan ilmu penyusuan secoet, tekanan melampau di kiri dan kanan, badan yang masih belum sihat sepenuhnya, saya kuatkan semangat dengan mengepam stok harian. Without fail,alhamdulillah saya mampu bekalkan 10 botol susu untuk anak-anak kembar saya tiap-tiap hari. 1 botol (4-5 oz), puratanya hasil pengepaman susu saya ketika di pejabat adalah sekitar 40oz. Semuanya dengan pertolongan Allah jua.

Jadi saya nak kongsikan, jadual pengepaman (yang agak ekstrim) saya sehari-hari (ketika itu):

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6 Important Tips for mother-to-be

I already write quite a long-justified paragraph but then since this is supposed to be a mere guideline and a refrigerator-paste-checklist like, so I rewrite this back and throw away all the unnecessary babbling.

  • First, to the new mother-to-be, you will need a new born checklist. It helps to reduce unnecessary stress and you can prepare your budget earlier. There are a lot in the internet that you can refer to. It is also useful for a reminder to the first time father too.
you need a checklist

you need a checklist

  • Second, do not tend to follow everything in the checklist (if you are referring to the sample in the net).You don’t normally need all those things like baby skin care product, or pacifier or nursing bra, just to name a few. The checklist is just to help you aware of what you and your baby might need and you must be smart to tick which is important and which are just accessories. Set your priorities and your budget limitation.
  • Third, make a full use of pure olive oil (the one that we use for cooking). Just apply some olive oil (or coconut oil) at babies under arm, under knee, genital area, bottom and around the neck. Every time the baby need to change (diaper), apply the oil after cleaning, it didn’t just prevent nappy rash, it will also help to clean faster if the baby poop (spray some water and the poop will cleanly ‘swipe’ out, like magic!)
  • Fourth, do not introduce any lotion and baby bath to your baby. There is no need to bath the baby frequently during his/her early days. Just bathe your baby with lukewarm water and apply olive oil (or coconut oil) afterwards.
  •  Fifth, if you are planning to breastfeed your baby, do not panic if your breast milk seems not enough to the baby for the first few days of delivery. Keep nursing your baby and you must drink a lot of hot water and milk. When you are panic, you will allow unnecessary stress and stress is the last thing you will need during confinement.
  • Sixth, STUDY EVERYTHING YOU CAN ON NATURAL BIRTH AND BREASTFEEDING. Even if you will be undergoing caesarean, you still need as much information as you can. It will help you a lot.
countdown to the day the baby is born

countdown to the day the baby is born

I think that is all. I am not a list or a diary kind of person but all the above that I mentioned are those that I did during all my pregnancies. Even when I was in my second pregnancy, I still read a lot about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, confinement and babies. Sometime to refresh my memories but most of the time, I gained new knowledge.

Happy preparing mothers! 🙂

Qider Firdaus
Bandar Baru Bangi


How I breastfeed my twins after cesarean

It has never been an easy journey. I write this solely from my own experience in order to guide other mothers who have to undergo cesarean but very determined like me to breastfeed. I just discharged from being hospitalized last two days (i was admitted because my baby didn’t engage as it should be). The patient who was with me in the same room (4 bedded room) will undergo cesarean due to placenta previa (I don’t remember which type) and she wondered aloud how to breastfeed her baby after operation. That inspired me to write this entry.

I remember how it was hard for me to breastfeed my twin in first few days in the ward, what with my stomach suddenly swelled and it was hard for me to break wind, resulting me to continue IV drip for the rest of 3 days after operation! Oh that was the most horror experience that I really wanted to flush away from my memory, if I feel like to ‘sketch’ that memory, perhaps in another entry, not here. The nurses were not helpful either. Only when I was about to discharge (after finally break wind or else I need to spend more days there..hell no! I had had enough!), the MO that approved my discharged was the one who taught me the right and comfortable way to breastfeed especially for mother who undergo cesarean. Geez, only He knows how I was feeling so calm when I finally able to breastfeed. Below are few positions to breastfeed.

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