Speech Delay Journey : When you finally see result

I know this maybe not a very big achievement to some people, but to most of us, who had brain injured children, who had waited years for even a tiny weeny result, this is very big.

This deserved a celebration.

This means a world to us.

This, motivates us to go further.

What’s more, I have been waiting for years, and I had three sons with this problem. Imagine trying to design and do the program with 3 kids and they had baby sister growing up together.

Iman and math dot

That baby sister had her own design program, need to be done in parallel.

Oh ya, I know what you want to say, I am super mom. Super indeed.


This story, is for you mothers out there, who might have brain injured children as I do. This shout out, this motivational story or whatever you want to call this, is for you. Especially for you.

Here it goes.

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