Speech Delay Journey : When you finally see result

I know this maybe not a very big achievement to some people, but to most of us, who had brain injured children, who had waited years for even a tiny weeny result, this is very big.

This deserved a celebration.

This means a world to us.

This, motivates us to go further.

What’s more, I have been waiting for years, and I had three sons with this problem. Imagine trying to design and do the program with 3 kids and they had baby sister growing up together.

Iman and math dot

That baby sister had her own design program, need to be done in parallel.

Oh ya, I know what you want to say, I am super mom. Super indeed.


This story, is for you mothers out there, who might have brain injured children as I do. This shout out, this motivational story or whatever you want to call this, is for you. Especially for you.

Here it goes.

Did he….?

Yesterday morning, I saw Rayyan put his shoes on the rack outside his kindergarten. One thing that caught my attention during that time, was that he put it precisely where his name is (there rack are labels with the kids’ name).

It suddenly struck to my mind, ‘did he really can read his name?’

Why did I ‘cautiously’ feel so? As I religiously, used to read his name everytime he want to put his shoes. Normally, he would put his shoes everywhere he likes. Sometimes, he will put it there. It depend on how he was feeling that day, hahahah.

Putting aside the negative thoughts, I pray and hope, that HE CAN READ HIS NAME.

Last night, during reading session ( I use flash card to teach all my children to read), Rayyan did not cooperate at first. He made a bored face to me. Since it was important to keep frequency maintain, I waited patiently, until he agreed to do the session.

I had already finished with his twin and their younger brother. These two like to do this together. They will read aloud after me while I flashed those cards.

And, I have just introduced new word to their word set (happy). I use minus one and plus one card method (one new word will be introduced after five days, one old word will be deducted).

*I will explain this further in another entry insyaAllah.

When I flashed the card (happy), it was suddenly the first in line, as I was about to pronounce the word, he (Rayyan) point at the card and said, ‘happy!’, and grinned broadly to me.

*I had tears in my eyes suddenly.

Without any due, I looked at my husband (who really absorbed with his thesis) and told him what happened.

My husband jaw’s dropped.

I said to Rayyan, ‘ Good job, abang! High five’

So, this morning, Rayyan did the same as what he did yesterday. Out of curiosity, I pointed my finger gently to the label, didn’t particularly sure what to expect, haha. And that boy, shyly with that particular broad grin again, said,


My son can read! And finally speak.

Allahu rabbi.

Why this over the moon reaction?


This particular son, among his other brothers, he is, we can say ‘severe’ in speech. If he wants to say anything, mostly he will barely whisper what he wanted to say. He seems, not confident enough that he can speak, that others would understand what he spoke.

He loves to tell to those who listen about his ultramans and dinosaurs. When he speaks, it will be nonstop. But most of the time, we cannot make it out, head or tail.

His other brothers, progress much more. At least I could understand what they are trying to say, I mean, in a manner of proper speaking.




Which of the favour of your Lord that you deny?

I feel like to knock a party of celebration just for this you know.

Motivation with capital ‘M’


Have faith in your children. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in God.
You can do this, we can do this, our kids can do this.
Never gives up, keep on doing what you are doing with your children.
InsyaAllah it will worth it.

To keep yourself and your kids motivation up, and always up,

*rephrased from What to do about Your Brain Injured Child*

Is to always appreciate the miracle that has happened and show your respect for that accomplishment, with your praise it will motivates the kids to do further.

Appreciate what they CAN do.

You decide what success and failure is.

If you want to win in making your child well, look at the difference between where he is yesterday versus where he is now. If yesterday, Rayyan cannot even utter a meaningful word, today, he not just can read his name, but he is doing is proudly and happily.

Do not tell him, how long it will go, that is our problem. We will worry about it, not him. His job is to work with us joyfully and willingly.

That’s motivation with capital ‘M’.

May Allah helps us always.


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