Special children : So special indeed

This is actually last year’s story. After keeping it quite a while in my draft, I thought of finally to publish this. For the sake of all special needs children over the world.

The story goes like this,

So, yesterday I was upstairs, nursing my princess warrior. 1st twin and the younger brother were both sleeping. Soundly.

I went downstairs afterwards and found out my husband was standing at our front door. Upon seeing me, he said,

‘They didn’t allow him in’, I sensed exasperation in his voice.

I didn’t believe it at first. Our next door neighbour’s kids always allow our sons to play inside their ground.

Then I saw a heartbreaking scene.

My 2nd twin, throwing his shoe and anything he could find above the gate. And the kids inside, keep giving him back everything he thrown. He even went to another part of my neighbour house, and ‘calling’ everyone inside.

‘oiiii…oiiiii’, it is all he could say, but he was also giggling while doing that.

But the gate was still closed.

I know, it was so overwhelming for a kid, to see so many kids assemble at a place, to go to play and make friends together.

But he wasn’t allowed. Because he can’t speak yet and they didn’t understand him. And he seemed quite rough (maybe to them) despite his cheeky face.


You see, special children, they are human too. They just need some space to breathe, they want to play like everyone else. They are not alien. Or someone from different galaxy.

This is high time we learnt to give them chance, to understand them, to help them to their utmost potential. Treat them how we want to be treated by others.

These 3 years, I had so many things in my mind.

One of it, is perseverance

another,is to always put faith to God and God only.

This is high time too, we teach our average kids, on how to treat special children.

Special children is very special indeed.

Because they open another angle for others and those around them to see and to appreciate life.

I will not be who I am now, if not for these Heaven children, the God most precious gift.

And they always be.

Mother of twin boys and their younger siblings

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