Simple overnight oat

Being a mother to a set of twins and their younger brothers, I always love a very simple dish, no chemicals use, quick to be made and complete with essential nutrition. That does seem a lot to demand, by with limited time of cooking and three boys craving your attention at the same time, I have not much option but to obey that demand.

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I have come across this simple and quick recipe, overnight oat. It tastes marvellous and if you are creative enough, your so-called picky eater children would think that they had dessert during breakfast or dinner time.

There are a lot of version how you can make it, however this is the one that I like it the most because of simplicity of it.

You will need,

1/3 cup of rolled oat @ instant oat
2/3 cup fresh milk (almond, cow, goat or any fresh milk that you preferred)
1 tablespoon of honey/maple syrup

Leave it overnight in the fridge

For serving, you can go creative. Top it with fruits of your favourite, chopped nuts and cereals.

Or you can eat it on its own like I did.

My simple overnight oat

My simple overnight oat

My friend Dhirah, had another version of this recipe. You might want to peek to her recipe here.

This is a very quick breakfast (or dinner) and healthy snacks. Nursing mothers should try this, it is one of very delicious milk booster and help your breast milk to thicken. To those who are on diet, you might want to consider this recipe. It helps to lose some weight by replacing one of your meal with it.

Try it, you will love it.

Mother of twins and their younger brother,

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    • Saya tak pernah try lagi, even dengan peanut butter belum pernah, sebab lagi suka rasa plain susu dengan oat je..Btw, nanti saya akan try jugak..Good idea 🙂

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