NURY Parenting Class : To refresh, to retain sanity


I went to NURY Parenting Course last week. This was the second time I joined the class. To refresh and to strengthen myself emotionally.

Yep, mothers of special children tend to be emotionally worst sometimes. But hey, that is how Allah taught us to be perseverance and to rely on Him and Him only. So that, He will be the one who will show us the way to help our children.

It was kind of struggle for me to finally arrived at Nury, nevertheless, finally, I was there. Alhamdulillah.

This time I went there with much understanding. I was and am currently reading (halfway) ‘What to do about your brain injured child’ along with ‘Fit baby, Smart baby, Your baby’, so I had a head start of what it is all about. I have written some entries about the course and info that I gained during previous class, so I was prepared. And I have questions too.

I didn’t bring any handout at all, but I have my notebook and a pen with me.
Determined to write everything, EVERYTHING.
Determined to hear everything and locked it in my memory.
Determined to share everything that I got and understand during class.

Nury class

My princess warrior was very good during class. Although her cold worsen after that (pity her). I didn’t managed to do physical stimulation at Nury gym for my boys, but I did finally learn how to do most of it safely with continuous tips from Kak Azlila, her husband and Kak Azura during physical stimulation demo.

Oh ya, my princess warrior did not crawl yet, and since I really wanted to know how to deal with it beside inclined track, I had offered her for patterning. She cried her heart out, protested, but I turned a deaf ear hahahahah.

We did some stimulation and really enjoy the session tremendously. She amazed her mother and showed how good her vestibular system is. Although she irritates her mother a bit because she would rather rolled on her side than crawled forward hahaha, but her vestibular system is in order.

I really can’t wait to share this piece of info with her pediatrician in her next follow up. It was thrilling you know.

There are so many things I wanted to share and hoping that it will helps parents with brain injured children out there. May Allah helps me to write more and more.

In order to retain sanity, we need knowledge. We do need support group too. We need to understand what are we doing, what will be achieved and what is our target to our child. I hope I can fulfill that.

Our children need us.
God had chosen us to be their parents and them to be our children.
Make a full use of it, make it count.

Hang in there.

Mother of twin boys and their younger siblings,


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