How I breastfeed my twins after cesarean

It has never been an easy journey. I write this solely from my own experience in order to guide other mothers who have to undergo cesarean but very determined like me to breastfeed. I just discharged from being hospitalized last two days (i was admitted because my baby didn’t engage as it should be). The patient who was with me in the same room (4 bedded room) will undergo cesarean due to placenta previa (I don’t remember which type) and she wondered aloud how to breastfeed her baby after operation. That inspired me to write this entry.

I remember how it was hard for me to breastfeed my twin in first few days in the ward, what with my stomach suddenly swelled and it was hard for me to break wind, resulting me to continue IV drip for the rest of 3 days after operation! Oh that was the most horror experience that I really wanted to flush away from my memory, if I feel like to ‘sketch’ that memory, perhaps in another entry, not here. The nurses were not helpful either. Only when I was about to discharge (after finally break wind or else I need to spend more days there..hell no! I had had enough!), the MO that approved my discharged was the one who taught me the right and comfortable way to breastfeed especially for mother who undergo cesarean. Geez, only He knows how I was feeling so calm when I finally able to breastfeed. Below are few positions to breastfeed.

Position to breastfeed twins

Position to breastfeed twins

Ok mothers, the golden rule to breastfeed is YOU MUST BE COMFORTABLE FIRST. This also applies to those who have normal delivery. How on earth we are supposed to be comfortable when the scar was still new? Then, this come to second rule, ASK HELP FROM OTHERS TO MAKE YOU COMFORTABLE. The laying down is the best position for night-time feeding and to us who just fresh from operation. And that position was taught by the MO to me!

Side lying position  credit pic:

Side lying position
credit pic:

In order to apply those two rules, what that MO told me which I applied afterwards, as you lay down whether on bed,couch or wherever you like, place as many pillows as you needed at your back, bottom, head, which will supported your body and make you feel relax,rested and ready. Sometimes I even place soft cushion behind and between my leg.

After you feel comfortable enough, as illustrated, place the baby on his side facing you, with his head at your breast. Support the baby with pillow or cushion too. With your free hand (if you are lying on your right, use your left hand and vice versa), make a C-shaped and hold your breast (the thumb at the above, while the other four fingers at below breast). Then pull the baby toward you so that the baby can grasp the nipple as well as much surrounding areola as possible. This part was quite tricky for me at first, as my son that time found it was impossible for him to open his mouth wide, so the MO asked me to use my index finger, placing the nipple to his open mouth and alhamdulillah after few time trying, it worked, and he started to try latch on until he was able to drink.

latching step credit :

latching step
credit :

It was advisable (as I found everywhere in every article about lying down position) to let the baby at the same level at your breast. However, if when you cannot pull the baby toward you or there is no one nearby to help you in that position, (the cheating part, also being taught by the MO..heheheh)  you can place your baby on top of your arm first. Then by using that arm/hand, pull your baby toward you. After your baby finally latch on successfully, slowly pull away your arm and place it back under your head.

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Explanation above just from my own experience and I really hope this help. I know how it was hard to breastfeed, how it feel and so I don’t want other mothers go through the same painful experience like me. Perhaps not all will find the lying position comfortable, so choose and try other positions that suit you and the one that will not harm the operation scar. The most important, BE COMFORTABLE AND KEEP CALM.

Enjoy breastfeeding!

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