6 Easy tips on how to breastfeed your twin

6 easy tips

Hi mothers!

It has been such a long time since I wrote anything informative. Especially, anything about breastfeeding and twin. I write this based on my experience breastfeeding my twin, from various reading resources like book, by Shelly Vaziri Flais (Raising Twins: From Pregnancy to Preschool) and few articles on the net.

Below are 6 easy tips should a mother (I think the father should be included too) of twin to take note before the twin is born. It is not very hard to breastfeed twin actually, but you must have knowledge so that not only you can easily breastfeeding them but also both you and your twin will enjoy breastfeeding immensely.

  • Hypno breastfeeding during pregnancy –> keep telling yourself that you had a GENEROUS AMOUNT of breast milk, it will be enough for your twin baby and that you are more than capable of breastfeeding them. You are a strong mother, a great one and that is why He the Almighty give them to you.
  • Nursing pillow –> this tool really help you wondrously while nursing them. By using a nursing pillow, it can help with positioning and latch of the twin. This can help prevent problems with nursing and make it a more comfortable experience for both you and the twin.
  • Breastfeed them at the same time –> from Dr. Shelly Vaziri Flais book, she suggested nursing twin at the same time so that the parents will able to have some rest.  I have been doing the wrong way last time with my twin. My twin need to nurse from 3-4 times at night. As I am so exhausted managing them during day, I was very lazy to breastfeed them at the same time, instead I nursed them one at a time (in lie in position). As a result, I was barely asleep during night as I have to wake up 6-8 time in order to breastfeed them. Man, I was almost have a panda eye. Even if one of them still sleeping (with his/her angelic face), do not hesitate to wake them up and nurse them both. It will help you save tedious argument afterwards and you (and your partner too) can have more time to rest.
  • Mother should eat healthily –> drink large amount of milk, eat healthy and fresh food, eat eat eat a LOTTTTTT of food, plentiful of lukewarm plain water and (if you can afford it) insert natural supplement in your diet. Last time I remember eating a mountain full of rice with plenty of veggies and protein, three times a day, and surprisingly, I managed to have a clean plate! And people keep throwing comments, voicing their jealousy of me eating a lot but have a very slender figure 🙂
  • Father should give a helping hand –> assistance from the twin father not only help in breastfeeding to be much much more pleasant but also promote a good mental health for the mother. The first 6 month after delivery is very crucial. The mother might need all the help from the father.
  • You need your support group –> it is not easy to keep on breastfeeding your twin, what with many who have not much knowledge on breastfeeding twin. They will ‘advice’ you negatively which of course not the thing you need to hear after all tedious time managing twin. So you need support from more positive people and experienced in breastfeeding twin. They are many support group in the internet with a lot of info in how to make your twin breastfeeding enjoyable and manageable.

May He give the strength you guys might need and make it a lot easier in everything while managing your twin. Enjoy breastfeeding your twin, not many are granted with that opportunity. You are the chosen parents to have that blissful experience.

I am actually thinking to have another pair of twin the he he he 🙂 .. if He wills it, why not huh?

Me with my twin boys at the age of 6 months.

Me with my twin boys at the age of 6 months.

Mother of twins and their younger brother,

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