Developmental burst : The magic is in your child

The last thing a mother would want from her child is disabilities and to face the package that come with disabilities. Yes, there is package included. The more severe the disabilities, the bigger the package will be.


That ‘package’ sometimes is harder to cope than the disabilities itself.

Communication breakdown.
Stress running high.
You name it.
Tell me about it all.

There are times too, when morale is very low, I was thinking of running away from all of this and I cannot bear it anymore.

I have children with speech delay. Yes, children. Child in plural.

Developmental Burst

But then, as a mother (or parents), we are the only one who can help our children. Our children depend on us and we will never be as often with them as they grow up.
I do not know whether this might help you feel better, but there is a term call DEVELOPMENTAL BURST.

I start with an example,

You like me, had a child (*cough, I had children) with speech delay. You like me, had learn that even though your child have delay in speech, it is still important to teach him to read. As reading is actually both intellectual and functional program for the brain.

In short, reading also stimulates the brain.

So you teach your child to read, on and on and on, religiously but it seems that your efforts are meaningless. He still not speaking, and it was hard to be sure that he actually grasp your teaching.

There are times, you doubt whether this will work. BUT, you still head on, keep on, and teaching your child to read,

one day,


He is actually reading, not just looking.  And he understands what he reads!

Now, that is called developmental burst.

To understand better about this phenomenon call developmental burst (I quoted this from Kak Azura’s comment at my page), rephrased,

Our brain is unique in many ways. The more information you put into the brain, the more it can hold.


It is impossible for a human being to use up all his brain capacity. However, developmental burst happens in some children, who for some reason take longer to show their improvements and achievements. You have to keep believing and being consistent, and trust in the child’s ability, and when they fulfill all the right conditions, suddenly the developmental burst happens!

As Glenn Doman said, we must trust in our children’s capabilities because ‘the magic is in your child.’

So mothers,

Your special child or brain injured child (or whatever name you want to put in), maybe they are not talking yet (or not walking now, cannot hear properly yet, cannot see clearly, etc, etc), keep on stimulating your child, learn far and wide how to help him, pray so that God will ease your journey, one day, insyaAllah, he will talks fluently.

Whenever I went to Nury, I always remember a story about an autistic child name Reno who can read before he can speak. Due to his quirkiness (during that time), his father only manage to teach him one flash card a day (with other stimulations too, of course). But after painstaking effort by his father (helped by other family members too), he finally can both reads and talks, alhamdulillah.

For me, InsyaAllah, my children are like that kind too. You know, their speech ‘will burst’ someday. And they can do math better than me, write better than me and read and understand much, much, much better than me.

Keep on believing 

There is always hope for us.

Believe in God, that He will help you.
Believe in yourself, that you can do this.
Believe in your children, that they will become above average,
that they will surprise you and they will make you happy in so many ways.

Be patience,

Steadfast in whatever you have been doing now to your special children. Keep on going, keep on running.special families

God had chosen us to be their parents and them to be our children. Make a full use of it, make it count.

Do not lose hope, He is everywhere for us.


Mother of twin boys and their younger brother


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