Breast milk, dairy milk, non-dairy milk and kids

To tell the truth, I was and am regretting feeding my sons with formula. I would be more delighted giving them fresh dairy or non-dairy milk when I wean off, but I could not fully fulfilled that wildest dream. I can only supplemented it and hoping (and trying) that one day that I will. Formula milk was never a best option when you have to wean off (for whatever reason), dairy and non-dairy are.

  • Breast milk

No one can ever defeat the goodness of breast milk. It contains lots of nutrients, providing antibodies and increased the immunity for the breastfeed babies. It also created and strengthens the bonding between the nurse mothers and their babies. It is a well-known too that breast milk is directly ‘served’ with the right temperature and no contamination. Moreover, as human breast milk is the natural food for baby humans, it also contains substances needed by growing infants which may not even be known to be essential and which are not included in infant formulas.

Breast milk versus Formula milk

Breast milk versus Formula milk

Feeding your babies with breast milk is no mean feat. It requires a lot of courage, energy and mental strength. Oh, and you need lots of support and knowledge too. You need to schedule your day so that you can complete your daily routine while scheduling your time between breastfeeding them and expressing breast milk.

When I breastfeed my twins, their skin was very smooth. They gained weight tremendously. They are my pair of cuddly and adorable babies with fluffy arms and legs. I love them so much and it was so easy to get them to sleep while I was breastfeeding them although my back pain and exhaustion were more pronounced than ever. So do their younger brother. He rarely got sick (except for runny nose) and his skin is flawless! Of course, I did benefit a lot from breastfeeding too, I lost so much weight, I even look thinner than before I got married!

Instead of feeding our children with formula, we can always switch it with dairy milk or non-dairy milk. Basically, both dairy and non-dairy milk provides almost the same nutrition our children (and us too) need like calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, protein, phosphorous and the list goes on. The difference is how the milk is produce and the percentage of nutrition content.

  • Dairy milk

Since I was a kid, I always have lactose intolerance with formulated milk powder. But when I switch to fresh dairy milk, I didn’t have to go to toilet after drinking it and I didn’t have a rumbling sound in my stomach like I used to have before. Perhaps, there was something in the formula that couldn’t agree with my stomach or my body is just the kind that prefer fresh milk (ha ha ha).

I know there are a lot of debates about dairy milk, like how manufacturer manipulated cows with hormone so that they can produce more milk. How those packaged milk actually contain pus because of the overwhelmed use of hormone. There is also a claim (I forget where I come across of it while browsing years ago) that dairy milk is only meant for calf, like human breast milk is for human baby.

Dairy Milk

Dairy Milk

I am no scientist, nor a researcher who involved in food industry. I am just a mother. So, the best option I did have when I bought this kind of milk is to buy organic dairy milk. Even if it means that I had to pay more, I am okay with it as I managed to afford buying them. I am not sure whether goat’s milk is consider dairy or not but I do love fresh goat’s milk too. However, the price is exceptionally higher (RM 6-7 for a bottle of 250 ml) but whenever I have the opportunity (it means I had extra bucks), I would purchase it. And I would perish the moment I had with it. Yeah, it did sound a bit dramatic but hey, goat’s milk is some kind of luxury to me because of the price here, you would sound the same if you are a milk lover (on a tight budget) like me.

  • Non-dairy milk

Since I am quite particular with food for my sons and obsessed with homemade food, I stumbled with non-dairy milk across the net. The first recipe was on ‘how to make your own almond milk’. It was super-duper easy and delicious. All I have to do is to find organic almond, carefully allocate some amount of it so that I can always make sure my almond milk is freshly homemade and to have a clean clear bottle to store it. After 3rd trial, I am proudly to announce that I have finally got a hang on how to make it stay fresh longer and taste better.

Non-Dairy milk

Non-Dairy milk

Beside almond milk and soy milk, there are various non-dairy milk that you can easily made it at home just like almond and soy. One thing for sure, it wouldn’t have the controversial pus like in the dairy milk. It just that you have to make sure they are organic and soaked them first (except for coconut milk) before blended it to perfection.

Of course, nutrition wise, dairy milk contain more protein than non-dairy milk. So, it is up to you to choose which milk suited your kids (and you too, except that you cannot consume breast milk) best. I have tried both dairy and non-dairy (almond milk to be exact) to my sons and they have developed no allergy and hardly distinguish them from their formulated milk. Making your own non-dairy milk is fun and another thing to bear in mind is that milk is not the only source of calcium. Don’t worry too much if your kids hate milk of any kind. There are lot of other food that high in calcium like dark green veggies (broccoli,curly kale and green snap beans) to substitute milk.

So mothers (and fathers too), next time you wean off, perhaps you might consider fresh dairy or non-dairy milk before jumping to formulated milk. And, for the new mothers (and fathers too), please try to breastfeed your newborn first before surrender to formula or any milk option. If you do have problem in breastfeeding or breastfeeding making you stress out or you have no idea how to start, you can always email me ( and we can have a chat.

Mother to a twin boys and their younger brother,

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