A bookworm always be a bookworm

Me reading in the plane during Sabah trip 5 years ago

Me reading in the plane during Sabah trip 5 years ago

I am a bookworm.

I grew up as a bookworm.

I can refrain myself from any sort of gadget hunting, up to date fashion trend, but I can never help myself when I stepped in a bookstores. I could spend hours there even though I don’t have any cash to buy any book at all.

My dad used to scold me for spending all my pocket money just for books. He said I wasted my money just for story books that have no benefit at all. Looking back, we were not very well to do, maybe he had a point there but anyhow, I never listened to him anyway. Boy, I was so stubborn back then.

When I was preparing to get married, my fiance persuaded me to stop spending money on books for a while, as we were in very tight budget for our wedding. Even my wedding gift (among of it) is books!

I am now a mother to three most brilliant and energetic boys and I hardly had time to read.

I feel quite stress sometimes and the feeling keep mounting because the only thing that can calm me down is reading or at least to talk about what I read.

Last two week, I accompany my cousin to one of education agency (this agency helps students who opted to further their studies overseas).  I was excited browsing all brochures given by the person in charge who attended us that time. And of course, the subjects of my interest are always aerospace, aeronautics, robotics, instrumentation, control systems and nutrition. However, I did not fulfil all requirements. Sad.

After that, we went to MPH bookstore at Mid Valley Megamall. My cousin said she needed to spend her voucher and somehow I was able to spend some of it. For a book lover who cannot buy a stinking book for few years, this was heaven!

We spend hours in that bookstore since my cousin is a bookworm like me too. Thank God!

We only realized it was time to go home when my husband text me asking about my location *grin.

Malcom Gladwell books

Malcom Gladwell books

I finally got to buy Malcolm Gladwell books. Compilation of his books. I was over the moon about it. To cap it all, we had coffee moment and spend the rest of the day talking. I miss spending time alone. It didn’t meant that I didn’t love my kids, no, but for me who always barely had time juggling between blog, Shaklee, group, office and home, sometime I do need time to be alone. Or at least to be with someone that I can spend time without any emotional interruption.

Or at the very least, please do give me some space to read my books.

My sons love my book’s cupboard (I asked husband for a bookshelf, instead he bought a cupboard). Whenever they found it tidy, stacking neatly by genres and height, they can afford themselves not to let it be the way it is. And me, the owner of the most books in the house, barely had time to stack them back at their rightful place. In the end, I just asked my sons to place them back in the cupboard and they happily did what I asked.

They love 'tidying up' my books

They love ‘tidying up’ my books

I cannot read a book peacefully without them butting in, sit on my lap and trying to read it with me. I hope this is a sign that they will be a bookworm like me too. I would rather they read a very good books than toying with PC most of the time watching Ultraman and all superheroes of the sorts. Well, mostly because,

A child who read

A child who read will be and adult who thinks

I think we had enough of younger generation who act before they think properly first. I wish I can overcome my exhaustion of accomplishing housework, have quality time with kids and spend at least one hour to read with a peace of mind. It was hard to read for a mother of three when you heard your children screaming downstairs and deep in your heart you have less confident to whoever with them at the moment, and that include your husband. Although, in reality, your husband can manage your children easily than you do.

I am a bookworm through and through.


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