5 Tips How to Make More Breastmilk for your twin

twin breastfeeding

Bear in mind that breastfeeding twin or multiple is never as easy as people might think and it was never too hard to be done either. However, mother to twin and multiple should never give in to the pressure of making more milk for your babies. You can produce more milk for your babies. All you have to do is get some knowledge on how to make it more and more.

Always remember that the production of breastmilk always abide with the principle of demand versus supply. The more you increase the demand, the more milk would be produce. My first born is twins and I had the opportunity to breastfeed them (although only for 8 months period, due to getting pregnant with their younger brother, while breastfeeding them), so I have some experience on twin breastfeeding and here are the tips I am going to share with you.

1. Nurse your twin frequently —> this will increase the demand. Your breasts will trigger the brain, telling it that you will need to produce more milk. So, your brain will give signal to your breasts to produce more milk.

2.  Drink lots of plain water (warm) during and after nursing   —> as twin normally need to feed as frequent as possible during few months  from delivery, their mother will always becoming constantly thirsty. What I did was, I used to prepare a large tumbler of warm water beside me, so that I can refill myself up while breastfeeding them, because normally breastfeeding tend to make mother become drowsy (because of oxytocin, of course), and I would always sleep soundly with my twin when they were full. In order to make sure I won’t become extremely thirsty when three of us wake up afterwards, I would drink between nursing and after nursing.

3.  Stimulate your breast with pump after each nursing —> I had twin boys, so normally they would drink my breastmilk until it was completely empty. So why did I still pump afterwards even though there was no trickle of milk? I want to create more demand to my breasts, so they will produce more milk for my babies. I would pump for 10-20 minutes depending on the situation.

4.  Pump during early morning (5-6 am) —> if your twin did not wake up to nurse during this time, you should wake up and pump. This will need some time management with your babies. Note down their time of nursing, so that you could adjust the right time to pump. If they wake up to nurse at this time, just apply number 3 tip. During this early morning, normally we would produce more milk since our body still adjusting with demand. If we didn’t take this chance, our milk will gradually decrease.

5.  Relax and look after yourself —>  there is no way you can produce more milk if you are under a lot of strain and tired. Each nursing time, take a nap together with your twin. You need your rest mother. Prepare yourself simple snack between each nursing interval. So that even you are too busy managing your hectic schedule, somehow skipped your decent meal, at least munch some snack. I normally have a stack of oat crackers and mixture of milk with soy protein supplement ready if there was no one to help me prepare some food during mealtime.

Breastfeeding twin is a very challenging task. However, it was the most memorable moment you will never forget for the rest of your life. Particularly if you are able to breastfeed until they are two years old. Get as much knowledge as you can, reach a helping hand, call to your friend for a stress relief and please do take care of yourself.

Happy breastfeeding your twin, mothers. You are the greatest mom of all, and please believe in yourself that you can do this, because if you can’t, He will not Grant you with them (your adorable twin).

My 3 years old twin and me

My 3 years old twin and me

I wish all of you the best of luck!

Qider Firdaus 
Bandar Baru Bangi  



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